Aynur Begutov, born April 16 1979 in Makhachkala. Honoured Artist of the Republic of Daghestan. The classical and Russian seven string guitar player.
   Aynur began to study music under the guidance of Baycheslav Bogachkov. Later he graduated from the Gasanov Makhachkala Music Colledge.
   In 2000 Aynur entered the Zhiganov Kazan State Conservatory (Vitali Kharisov’s class). During his study at the conservatory Aynur became a recipient of the Daghestan State Council scholarship.
   Upon graduating the conservatory in 2005 he became a trainee at the Gnesin Russian Music Academy (prof. Nikolay Komoljatov’s class), which he successfully graduated in 2007.
   In September 2010 he has finished post graduate studies at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels (prof. Antigoni Goni’s class). Also he has passed theoretical and practical course on the Renaissance lute (prof. Dirk De Hertog’s class).
   Aynur improved his skills at the master classes of the following guitar players: Fabio Zanon, Aniello Desiderio Carlo Markione, Hubert Keppel, Raidbert Evers, Roberto Ausel , Lind Magray.
   During his studies Aynur participated in various contests and festivals. He became a laureate of international contests in Russia, Ukraine, Israel.
   Aynur popularizes the Russian guitar by reviving the repertoire and performing traditions of the seven string guitar. Ainur is the first Russian guitar player who performed a concert for the seven string guitar and symphonic orchestra (“The Russian Concert” by Igor Rekhin).
   Thanks to Aynur’s initiative they wrote for him two concerts for guitar and orchestra – “Daghestan Concert” by Vitaly Kharisov and Concert For Guitar And Orchestra by Rashid Kalimullin.
   Aynur conducts solo performances in a lot of venues across Russia. He also gave tours in Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany Ukraine and Finland. Aynur cooperates with quite a few of teams: Chamber orchestra “LA PRIMAVERA, the Zhukovsky Symphonic Orchestra, State Philharmonics Chamber orchestra of Republic Dagestan, the Republic of Tatarstan State Philharmonic orchestra of national instruments, the Republic of Dagestan State Philharmonic orchestra of national instruments, the Tambov State Philharmonics symphonic orchestra, the Republic of Tatarstan State Philharmonic symphonic orchestra.
   Since 2005 Aynur combines performing with organizing activities. He was an author and artistic director of several successful large projects: “Virtuosos of a guitar” Season Ticket, “Classic Guitar In The 21st Century” international festival, M.T.Vysotsky international competition, Muz-Transit international festival, “Dialogues with guitar” Season Ticket (Kazan).
   In June, 2009 has written down the first solo album «Guitar recital».
   Now the teacher of the Kazan musical College of I.V.Auhadeeva.

Sergei Rudnev. "Under your charming caress"
Sergey OREHOV “Doze weeping willows”
Carlo Domenikoni. Koyunbaba. Presto